Wednesday, December 15, 2010

6 months

Well, i decided that since it has been 6 months to the day since my last post, that i should get on that.

A lot has gone on in the Bolin house since June is a month by month recap since then...

June-- The first ever Cannon Falls Youth Sports Camp took place with 61 kids, as well as our annual golf tournament and Nicole’s 23rd Birthday (Her Golden Birthday!) We also went on vacation to the Wisconsin Dells with the Zoellners and I served as a huddle leader for boys’ basketball at the HS FCA Sports Camp at Luther College.

July-- We had our Rochester Youth Sports Camp which had a record high 240 kids in attendance (PICTURE #3). We also attended our first ever Twin’s game at Target Field, had a baby shower for my sister-in-law Lynn, who is in Turkey, using Skype, and I also served at the HS FCA Leadership Camp at Northwestern College as Assistant Huddle Leader Coordinator.

August—Nicole and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. My nephew Noah got a baby brother, Foster Everett. I also worked at the mall with the Back to School shopping season and spoke at the first day of school assembly at Clarksville HS.

September— We welcomed my new niece Amara Ruth to the family! Both the FCA Youth (PICTURE #4) and Men’s Flag Football Leagues (PICTURE #2) kicked off. FCA also hosted a 5th Quarter event following the JM @ Mayo football game.

October—Worked my last day of retail, hired as head men’s basketball coach for Crossroads (PICTURE #1), got to see my nephew Foster.

November—I got my first career coaching victory at Faith Baptist and went to the Packers at Vikings game, which was fun for Nicole and Anthony and I got to see Chilly’s last game!

December— Found out that my 51 year old Mother has cervical cancer. She began radiation last week and will begin chemotherapy this week. While getting treatments at Mayo, she will be staying with Nicole and I. Looking forward to celebrating Christmas with family!!

My Crossroads Basketball Team went 3-0 in the month of December, bringing our season record to 5-6, looking to get over 500 next semester! First game back is Jan. 7th @ Home vs. Emmaus Bible College.

Nicole has been promoted at KinderCare to Lead Teacher in the 4-5 yr. olds room. I am no longer working retail at Aeropostale, my last day was on October 6th. I am now the head men’s basketball coach at Crossroads College. I am excited for this great opportunity to coach basketball at my former college and help build men of character with the student-athletes at Crossroads.

So there is a little bit of a break down of what's been going on! Hope everyone is doing awesome and have a Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cannon Falls FCA Youth Sports Camp

This is the group picture from the brand new Cannon Falls FCA Youth Sports Camp. It started yesterday (Mon. the 14th) and the last day is tomorrow (Wed. the 16th). We ended up getting 61 kids in six sports and we also have 8 HS and college aged huddle leaders leading the kids in a athlete focused bible study going over the theme for the camp "Unleash the Power" based on Colossians 1:11. The themes for the came include Teamwork, Integrity, Serving and Excellence. The camp is going really well and I am excited for the camp to grow in the coming years!
And the Rochester youth camp that is in July has over 200 kids registered already!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

June FCA Newsletter

Here is the link to my June FCA Newsletter.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I was tagged by my sister-in-law Lynn for this fun little game...

RULES:1. Open your first photo folder on your computer.
2. Scroll to the 10th picture.
3. Post that picture and the story behind it.
4. Tag 5 or more people.

Nicole took this picture of me, Kathie and Anthony on our 24 hour road trip to Florida back in May of 2007. We were on our way to my nephew Noah's 1st birthday party and Ashley's college graduation in Gainesville, FL. This trip entailed sights of downtown New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Disney World, Kiln, MS, and a run in with an alligator. We have many more similar pictures to this one in the same album and in all of them Anthony is making a different face.

Now I'm tagging....Dan B., Kathie Z., Kristie C., Ashley B., and Marque J.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Finally an Update!

Well, it's been a good three months since I updated our blog, so I thought it was time once again. We've been doing well, dealing with all the winter weather that has been coming our way. Nicole is doing well at Kindercare and is playing in two volleyball leagues, one on Monday nights and one on Thursday nights. I am enjoying getting to play basketball with some guys on Thursday nights, trying to stay in shape a little bit. Since the Holiday shopping season is over at the mall, my hours at Aeropostale are down to around 15 a week instead of the 30-40 that I was working in December.
My FCA hours are now up to 22 as I have $1350 in monthly pledged support now so I'm making good progress in getting towards full-time funding. I'm really excited about the future with FCA, as we have a lot of really good things going right now in Southeast Minnesota FCA. I am still meeting with a group of 5 students at Rochester John Marshall HS every Tuesday morning going through a study called "Winning God's Way." We host a Pancake breakfast on the first Tues of each month to try and invite more kids to come to the Bible Study that is focused for athletes. Also, at Rochester Mayo, there are now 6 Students Leaders and 20 more regular attenders for their Campus FCA and at Rochester Century, there are about 30 regular attenders for the FCA Huddle.
Next Saturday, we are having a snow tubing retreat for our Rochester FCA student leadership teams at Ironwood Springs in Stewartville. Also, on Feb. 28th, we are having the Culver's Cup, a Broomball tournament for all of the SE MN FCA huddles, hosted by the Pine Island group.

A few weeks ago, Nicole and I were able to attend the Rochester Amateur Sports Commission banquet with Sylvia Rogers, one of my Home Team supporters and the main speaker was former Twins player, Rod Carew, the picture here is all the people that were at our table.
I also recently applied for two assistant track coaching jobs here in Rochester, one at JM and one at Century. I have always wanted to coach someday and track was my favorite sport in HS so I think either of these positions would be a great way to get my foot in the door. So if you could pray that I would get an interview/job opportunity for one of these, that would be great!
Hope you are all doing well!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

FCA Men's League Super Bowl

Autumn Ridge Blue Champion Team

The first annual FCA Men's League Super Bowl took place this morning at Soldier's Field in Rochester. In the semi final matchups the 4 Seed Autumn Ridge Blue upset the 1 Seed and previously undefeated Calvary RED team 34-27 and the 3 Seed Calvary BLUE beat the 2 Seed Christ Community 33-27. Then in the Super Bowl Autumn Ridge Blue defeated Calvary BLUE 32-20 to take home the Championship. Here are the pictures of the winning and runner up teams.

Calvary Blue Runner Up Team

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

FCA Super Bowl I

Last night we had the Super Bowl for the first year of the FCA Monday Night Youth Flag Football League. The Vikings won for the 3rd and 4th graders and the Steelers took home the Championship for the 1st and 2nd grade division. There were 42 kids on 6 teams at the field and roughly 70 parents and siblings in attendance. The weather was great and everyone had a fun time on the nice turf field under the lights. Below are the team pics for all the teams in the league with their coaches.